Airbnb Rentals

AirBnb Reykjavik Iceland

Airbnb is my go-to place when looking for a place to stay on vacation. Often, hotels can be extremely expensive, or you really want to stay somewhere with a kitchen, or somewhere that feels more like home. In these cases, Airbnb can be the way to go.

If you’ve never booked with Airbnb, it’s a site where people can rent out their fully furnished homes, apartments, and rooms to travelers. On their site, you choose your destination and your travel dates. The next page shows a map so you can see where the rental is located, as well as options for you to select, and then a list of rentals.

It’s easy to sort through rentals based on your needs and budget. I always choose “Entire Place” but if you’re okay with having a room in someone’s house then that could be a cheaper option. You can also choose amenities that are important to you such as: wifi, kitchen, TV, air conditioning, washer, dryer, pets allowed, and wheelchair accessibility.

Once you’ve selected the things you want in a rental, you get to look through the listings. I like to choose rentals that have multiple good reviews. That way I feel more secure about what I’m going to get. To book, you will need to create an account, and some hosts require you to prove your identity. It’s a relatively painless process.

We have had a few bookings cancel last-minute on us, which can be a bit stressful because we had to frantically find another place to stay. Airbnb has always been helpful and made sure we got our money back. A few times we’ve even received extra credits to apply to a future rental.

Click here to visit my AirBnb profile. There, you can browse through my wishlists and maybe get a sneak peek of where we're headed next!