Eating Vegetarian in Reykjavík, Iceland

We found that food was expensive in Iceland. In order to save money, we cooked a lot of our meals ourselves. But we did manage to eat at a few places that I will share with you! As well as give you some tips on buying your own food.

Vegetarian Restaurants Reykjavik Iceland

Also called Ecstasy’s Heart-Garden is a little vegetarian cafe located in downtown Reykjavík, just down the street from Hallgrímskirkja. We went in for lunch. Every day, they have an entree and a soup option. My mom and I both ordered soup and homemade bread. It was delicious and warmed us up!

Vegetarian Restaurants Reykjavik Iceland
Vegetarian Restaurants Reykjavik Iceland

The Laundromat Cafe
This restaurant is located in downtown Reykjavík. It has a great atmosphere and was comfortable to hang out in. They have a huge list of beers and a great menu! It is pricey, but after cooking for ourselves for so long, we decided to treat ourselves. They have a couple vegan and vegetarian options as well (the picture above is their vegan toast)!

Vegetarian Restaurants Reykjavik Iceland

Restaurant at Hotel Geysir
After a long afternoon driving the Golden Circle, we stopped at Hotel Geysir which is directly across the street from the geysers near the visitor’s center. The hotel felt empty and quiet, but we were able to eat in their restaurant. We both ordered the Byggotto, which was Icelandic risotto with vegetables on the side. It was soooo good! I still dream about that meal! It was an expensive meal at 2.800 ISK (about $21 USD) per person.

There are a couple Glo locations in Reykjavik. One of which is on Laugavegur, which is the main shopping street in Reykjavik. Glo is a mix of a deli and a restaurant. You can get your food to-go or eat it in the restaurant. They have a menu that changes daily, always with a meat-option, a vegetarian/vegan option, and a raw option. You then get to choose sides (such as vegetables, salads, and pastas) to go along with your main dish.

If you want to get groceries, try to find a Krónan. They have the best prices and a pretty good selection of food. In Iceland, you will have to get used to the grocery stores being small. But you will be able to find anything you need, even Nutella!

Bonus is another grocery store chain in Iceland. There is one on Laugavegur (the main shopping street) that we walked by multiple times without stopping. Oops! Again, it’s significantly smaller than the grocery stores you might be used to in the US, but it’s the one of the biggest that we could find. There are also Nettó and Hagkaup stores that sell groceries.

10-11 is basically Iceland’s version of 7-11. It is definitely more of a convenience store and less of a grocery store, but you can probably find most of what you need. The downside is going to be the cost. We saw limes for about $10 USD! But we were happy to find vegetarian chicken nuggets here!

We were unable to make it to a Heilsuhsid, but it is an organic grocery store. There is one in downtown Reykjavík underneath the restaurant Glo.

Vegetarian Restaurants Reykjavik Iceland

One of my favorite websites for finding vegetarian restaurants is called Happy Cow. You can look up the city you're in and it lists restaurants and shops with vegetarian/vegan food. You can also read and leave reviews for your favorite restaurants. It's super helpful!