Overnight Layover in Incheon

Seoul Korea Layover

On our Korean Air flight from Seattle, Washington to Kathmandu, Nepal, we stopped at Incheon International Airport. Our flight landed in the early evening, so I eagerly looked out the plane window as we landed and noticed that many of the high rise buildings look identical.

We followed the other passengers through the airport and then waited in a long customs line to enter South Korea. Alex got his first passport stamp and officially set foot in his first foreign country. US citizens do not need a VISA to enter South Korea, which made customs easier and saved us some money!

Prior to our trip, I contacted Korean Air with our flight information and asked if we could have a complimentary room. We quickly received a response confirming that we had a free night in one of their partner hotels in Incheon. The exact hotel would be determined upon arrival and check-in at their easy to find kiosk within the airport. It was that painless!

We easily checked in with the Korean Air kiosk and then waited to board a bus that took us directly to the hotel. We ended up staying at Benikea Premier Songdo Bridge Hotel which was about thirty minutes away from the airport. Our room was beautiful, and modern.

We were provided a free dinner at the hotel’s buffet restaurant. We were pleased with the buffet options and had no problem filling up on vegetarian foods. In the morning we were provided a packed breakfast to take with us on the bus ride to the airport. 

If you have an overnight layover in Incheon with Korean Air, I highly suggest you contact the airline to see if you are eligible for a free stay in a hotel! Just note that you are only allowed to stay in a hotel for one night on your trip, so if you have an overnight on the way to your destination and an overnight on the way home, you can only stay with Korean Air for one of those stops.